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Sokoya Philip

Sokoya Philip

Software Engineer with over 10 years experience
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Mr. Sokoya Philip - A software engineer with over 10 years experience.

Sokoya Philip has been creating diverse and attention-catching web presences for a variety, and his services have been solicited by companies including Google, Amazon, Upworks, Fiverr.

He focuses on a simple and esoteric design, choosing to hide the main content of the site for easy loading and mobile-friendliness.
Each of his sites are fully interactive and users can customize their experience, including selecting for scripts to be run or not run upon each reload of the website.

His designs are also compatible with secure encrypted applications, and he holds contracts with several government agencies.

From the comfort of my studio, I am able to deploy top-notch solutions ranging from mobile application, desktop applications, web applications, which will help your to boost your business even in this pandemic time.
I don't just build websites, I build website that PROJECT & SELLS.

“A successful website does three things: It attracts the right kinds of visitors. Guides them to the main services or product you offer. Collect Contact details for future ongoing relation.”

~ Mohamed Saad


  • Web Design and Development:

    Provides high quality, scalable and professional custom web application development. Using updated technology that best suite your request. Get in Touch

  • Digital Marketing:

    Take your business/brand value to a whole new level with massive promotions on all platforms. We handle SEO, SEO Copywriting, Link Building, Mobile App Marketing Get in Touch

  • IT Consultation:

    Full-service hardware and software capabilities eliminate the need for internal IT assistance. Customized software, existing software, technical support, training and E-mail services available. Get in Touch

  • UI / UX Design:

    Take cares of user's experience over the entire software development journey. Prototyping - Content Strategy - Responsive Design Get in Touch

  • Mobile Application:

    Create mobile applications which is highly interactive on all platforms - Android, Windows, and iOS. Get in Touch

  • CRM:

    Offer custom CRM implementations to streamline your marketing efforts, give a clearer view of your sales funnel and allow you to provide effective post-sales customer support. - Saleforce CRM, - Zoho CRM, -Microsoft CRM, Netsuite CRM and many more... Get in Touch