True to Reality Not Tradition!

What makes us different

A chance for recognition and advancement

  1. University of Berkley Online has the least expensive individualized degree programs available anywhere. In addition, pre-pay your tuition and deduct 10% from the total price of the program.
  2. We offer the most flexible tuition payment plans of any school, in the US or abroad.
  3. We charge no interest on the unpaid balance of our student loans, regardless of the time it takes you to complete your program. The University of Berkley Online is the only school with this policy.
  4. We have NO hidden fees. (Many schools will have quarterly administrative fees or some other penalty or fees they stick you with if you don't complete your program within a certain amount of time. They may also charge record maintenance fees, graduation/diploma fees, etc.)
  5. No other school offers such a far ranging scope of individualized non-residential programs at such a reasonable cost.
  6. We offer, if desired, a "student generated curriculum" - you design your own program (degeree and major).
  7. The University of Berkley Online is among the most unique, most flexible, creative and individualized programs in existence. We offer highly innovative solutions not available to most institutions. This is a result of our non-traditional nature and philosophy.
  8. Our school has no time requirements. Take as much time or as little time as you need.
  9. Student loans are available to all.
  10. We have an extensive lending library available free to all enrolled University of Berkley Online students.
  11. The University of Berkley Online is completely non-residential. No formal classroom, no rehashing material you already know, no unnecessary studies unrelated to you or your degree.
  12. We have no unreasonable entrance requirements such as entrance exams or a certain grade point average.
  13. Graduates receive the benefits of life-long membership in the University of Berkley Online Alumni Association.