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To apply now, please complete the application below (It will be submitted safely over the Internet using our secure server).


Amount to be charged: (Fees subject to change without notice, The University reserves the right to modify fee structure on an individual basis.)

In addition to the application fee, please indicate how you wish to pay for your tuition: (If you are not accepted by the Uo B, all monies, except the Application Fee, will be refunded promptly!)

Payment in full (Receive a 10% discount off the total tuition of your degree program)
I only wish to pay the $200 Application Enrollment Matriculation(AEM) fee at this time. In order to lock in current tuition rates. I will decide how to pay the tuition later.

Choose an option here if you desire an Honorary Degree.

First select which title you feel your accomplishments best merit

D.Sc Doctor of Science
D.H.L Doctor of Humane Letter
D.Litt Doctor of Literature
Ph.D Doctor of Philosophy
D.A of Art and Administration
L.L.D Doctor of Laws
D.D Doctor of Divinity
D.Hum Docor of Humanity

Send along a Resume or brief autobiographical sketch. Tell us about yourself, your education, your abilities, talents, accomplishments.

Application-Enrollment-Matriculation $200.00 USD
  • Application-Enrollment-Matriculation $150.00 USD
  • Associate $2,515.00 USD
  • Bachelor $2,785.00 USD
  • Master $3,145.00 USD
  • Doctorate $3,505.00 USD
  • Bachelor/Master $4,315.00 USD
  • Master/Doctorate $4,495.00 USD

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