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Our Student Say
"This is fantastic…. I never expected to be granted such recognition. I really would like to thank wholeheartedly both the Registrar and the Director for this opportunity.
Thank you again. Is there any way that I can stay involved and possibly offer my service to the University of Berkley after my degree has been conferred? I just feel that I owe you all that much!"
Robert Queene
Los Angeles, CA
Graduate 2002
University News
MA and PhD in Global Political Economy and Finance.
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Honorary Degree

The University of Berkley Online is in a unique position to offer you an extraordinary opportunity. Please review the materials listed below and submit your application, if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to call us Toll Free at +1 312-661-9145.

Your "Cause to be Honored"

An honorary doctorate is entirely legitimate and the title conferred may be used like any other. The degree is awarded to those who have demonstrated an Honoris Causa, or cause to be honored. For a small "support honorarium" (donation) you may participate in our Honorary Doctorate Program. This program is offered only to a select group of highly accomplished individuals such as yourself. As a professional, a degree -- or additional degree -- will allow you to make a greater impact. The expedient way of showing the world your knowledge, abilities, experience and talents is with your degree and use of your titles.

Earn your college degree online at the University of Berkley
Sample diploma 
(copy of honorary degree recently conferred upon the Honorable Mayor Rudolph Giuliani)

Right Human Relations, Goodwill and Services

The development of the capacity to exhibit Right Human Relations and act with goodwill is a quality possessed only by those more enlightened individuals who, like yourself, are sensitive to the needs of themselves and the needs of others. More of this caring, loving attitude is required in order to help improve world conditions for all people.

Many of us as intelligent, responsible, conscientious concerned human beings can best be of service by acting as a light or beacon whereby the rest of Humanity can see. The quality to learn, grow and above all share amongst one another for the ultimate benefit of all on the planet, is one of the most altruistic goals.

The University of Berkley Online, You and World Service

Many of our great institutions of higher learning exist to truly help the individual take the initial steps towards betterment of self and society. The University of Berkley Online is one such institution… predicated upon the principles of goodwill and service. An essential way in which we serve is literally to recognize the accomplishments of those deserving individuals in order that they may go on in their own ways to make a contribution to their communities and society.

The University of Berkley Online welcomes the opportunity to acknowledge, embrace and celebrate individual accomplishments - including yours. It is my sincere hope we may be of service to you.

Keeping with our primary purpose and philosophy of service, we at the University of Berkley Online are primarily concerned with:

  1. Educational and professional advancement
  2. Human development
  3. Psychological development

For these ends we have our various philanthropic programs including but not limited to:

  • Scholarship Programs, where a student need only show financial need. Those who need and want an education will not be denied - we intend to help them if we can. However, without the funds, this program will not be able to exist.
  • Community Work including: Counseling, therapy, and outreach/social work and alternative educational programs.
  • Contributiuons to other worthwhile charitable organizations to benefit humanity.
  • Other Programs e.g., soup kitchens, half way houses, rehab programs, etc. and on the national and international levels:
           "World Goodwill"
    • General Fund , University building fund, Philanthopy, scholarships etc.


    Confirmed Secure Website(*) Marked Items are required to obtain Additional Information

    First select which title you feel your accomplishments best merit:

    D.Sc. Doctor of Science
    D.Litt. Doctor of Literature
    L.L.D. Doctor of Laws
    Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy
    D.H.L. Doctor of Humane Letters
    D.A. Doctor of Art or Administration
    D.D. Doctor of Divinity
    D.Hum. Doctor of Humanities

    Send along a Resume or brief autobiographical sketch. Tell us about yourself, your education, your abilities, talents, accomplishments, etc. You may choose to send copies of that which you have written or that which was written about you. (Any documents, photos, videos, tapes, papers, objects, etc. that are sent cannot be returned… Don't send originals.)

    Choose level of "Honorarium contribution" all donations of $3,500 or more will be given lifetime "Sponsoring member and University of Berkley Alumnus" status. The office of academic administration for processing your honorary doctorate requires your minimum Honorarium of $2,000.

        $2,000-$3,500 $5,001-$7,500
    $3,501-$5,000 $7,501-$10,000
    Above $10,000

    All contributions over the stated minimum will be applied toward the following funds. You can specify what you would like your contribution to be placed towards.

        World Goodwill
    General Fund (University Building Fund, Philanthropy, scholarships, etc.)

    Total to be charged to your Credit Card:
      $ Example: 2500 or 3200 or 2550
    *Please enter whole numbers dollar signs and no commas

    The University of Berkley, in an effort to keep tuition costs down and increase online security now accepts payment via "MoneyBookers", the MOST secure, safe, inexpensive and convenient way of sending money over the web.  (Your credit / debit card  information is not available for anyone to see, not even us!)

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